UBER drives the wrong way on Racism

Everyone knows if you need advice, ask your local glorified taxi driver. Sarcasm aside, that pretty much sums up what Uber does. They drive people and food from place to place. And we are expected to take moral lessons from their CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. Right?

Uber will now prioritize businesses on their Uber Eats app based on the skin color of the owner. Khosrowshahi is also incentiving people to choose black owned businesses over white owned businesses by not charging deliver fees when choosing the ‘right’ choice.

Uber suggests these tactics are an effort to support small businesses to address “systematic racism” as well as COVID-19. We wonder how he was supporting the thousands of faithful employees he laid off due to COVID fears.

“Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi reportedly vetoed a request from the ride-hailing giant’s top executives to cut their own salaries in order to avoid laying off rank-and-file workers, paving the way for thousands of pink slips.”


We can only hope this self-appointed messiah of right and wrong runs Uber into the ground like he did with Expedia.

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